The Paint Game

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The Paint Game

Post by schnautzr on Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:10 am

Okay, the rules are very simple:

1. In order to post in this thread you must use a paint program (such as MS Paint or Paintbrush) to draw whatever the last poster requested. Upload your drawing, post it, and then come up with the next challenge.

2. Neither challenges nor pictures may be suggestive or obscene, although blood or violence is fine.

3. When drawing your image, you may use:

*paintbrush, pencil, spray can, marker, crayon, or other drawing tools
*erasing tools
*line or curve tools
*tools for drawing simple polygons or ovals
*bucket fill tools (solid or gradient fills, but no image fill)
*cutting, copying, and pasting tools, but the source for pasting MUST be the same image as the destination
*simple text tools

You may not use:
*use warping or blurring tools
*pasted images from photos, clip art, or the Internet
*wordart tools
*Photoshop or other photo editor
*stamping tools

4. You may look at a reference image while you draw.

5. If it's not fun, remember you are not obligated to play.

Some places to upload images:

Some paint programs:
Paint (included with Windows)
Paintbrush (free for Mac)
HeliosPaint (free for Windows, Mac, and Linux)

And the first challenge is:

"complete Spinosaurus skeleton gets auctioned off to hippies"

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