UPDATE (see post #2) Homo? sp. nov. 2010:"X-Woman", the Denisovans

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UPDATE (see post #2) Homo? sp. nov. 2010:"X-Woman", the Denisovans

KEYC TV - New human species found (newcast)

Washington Post - DNA from bone shows new human forerunner, and raises array of questions (press release)

USA Today - Fossil DNA analysis may have revealed new human species (press release)

Deutsche Welle - German researchers decode unrecognized DNA from ancient humanoid (press release) GRAPHIC IMAGES

OfficialWire - Another type of proto-human discovered (press release)

Scientific American - No bones about it: Ancient DNA from Siberia hints at previously unknown human (press release)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Pre-history rewritten as new human discovered (press release)

Times Online - Fingerbone points to a new type of human who fell off the family tree 30,000 years ago (press release) GRAPHIC IMAGES

Courier Mail - New human ancestor may have been found after DNA tests on fossil finger bone in Siberia (press release)

Los Angeles Times - A possible new link in human lineage -- all from a little finger (press release)

The Guardian - Is this a new species of human being? (press release) GRAPHIC IMAGES

Press TV - Siberian cave reveals new human-like species (press release

Telegraph - Missing link between man and apes found (press release + newscast)

The John Hopkins Newsletter - Hominid finger suggests previously unknown species (press release)

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UPDATE (see post #2) Homo? sp. nov. 2010:"X-Woman", the Denisovans :: Comments


Post on Mon Dec 27, 2010 9:38 am by schnautzr

WARNING: The news story featured here contains a rather graphic illustration of a male hominid. Viewer discretion is advised.
Mail Online - There were three types of ancient humans: 30,000-year-old fossils prove Neanderthals and modern humans were not the only species on Earth (press release)

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