Codes for Dr. Pepper bot parts pack

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Codes for Dr. Pepper bot parts pack

Post by schnautzr on Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:56 pm

Post here if you have a spare code or if you are wanting a code. People on this list might have different methods of giving out the codes-- some may do first come, first serve, others may require contest participation.

People with spare codes:

*schnautzr - 2 spare codes

Here's what you will get when you enter the code:
Patch 1.06
Dr. Pepper's 14 Bot Parts Pack

Pseudo-release notes for Patch 1.06
*Adds modularity to Spore so that the Dr. Pepper parts pack can be installed.

Pseudo-release notes for Dr. Pepper 14 bot parts pack
*2 new omnivorous mouths
*2 new eyes
*2 new arms
*2 new legs
*2 new graspers
*2 new feet
*2 new detail parts
*the ability to load, use, edit, and upload creatures with bot parts

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