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  • 20120521
    Theropoda: Ceratosauria
    Smithsonian - Fragmentary clue reveals Australia's first ceratosaur (blog)

    Once again, Aussieland pulls another giant theropod out of nowhere!

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  • 20120505
    Decades ago, scientists explained that a fossilized pregnant ichthyosaur exploded after dying. Today, paleotaphonomists revisit the exploded mother in a new light.

    Explanation of the decades-old theory of explosion, and why it doesn't apply here:
    Wired Science - Boom goes the ichthyosaur? (press release)

    The new theory:
    LiveScience - Ancient ichthyosaur mother did not explode, scientists say (press release)

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  • 20120505
    An amazing study from the field of paleomycology (the study of prehistoric fungus) reveals that Tasmanian aboriginees hunted megafaunal herbivores to extinction.

    LiveScience - Human invasion ended reign of Australia's "Giants" (press release)

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  • 20120505
    Crocodylomorpha: Goniopholididae
    Scientists digging in Dorset where excavations have gone on now for 200 years have done it again; this time it's a new species of crocodilian they've named after Rudyard Kipling, author of the Jungle Book.

    Daily Mail - When dinosaurs ruled Dorset: New species of 130-million-year-old crocodile would have splashed in tropical lagoon near Swanage (press release)

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  • 20120504
    Actinistia: Rebellatricidae, fam. nov. 2012
    Here's a coelacanth that took a turn in lifestyle and decided to imitate the sharks!

    Newswise - An ancient killer coelacanth from Canada (press release)

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  • 20120420
    Curnoe's recent find spawns a question: What is it that makes us Homo sapiens?
    Darren Curnoe's recent discovery of a new form of human makes him think a little harder about whether to call it Homo sapiens or something else.

    Australasian Science - Defining ‘human’ – new fossils provide more questions than answers (blog)

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  • 20120420
    Paleoanthropologists have discovered a population of humans that's distinctively different from the ones that lived in that part of the world during that period of time.

    Curnoe D, Xueping J, Herries AIR, Kanning B, Taçon PSC, et al. (2012) Human remains from the Pleistocene-Holocene transition of southwest China suggest a complex evolutionary history for East Asians. PLoS ONE 7(3): e31918. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0031918

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  • 20120420
    Sauropodomorpha: Sauropoda
    Some swivel-chair paleontologists aren't quite the experts they think they are. Recently, one of them actually got their opinion published by journalists all over the world.

    SV-POW! - Did sauropods support their weight by living in vast shallow lakes? (blog)

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  • 20120413
    A primitive Cretaceous titanosaur of Spain has been redated using carbon dating, and scientists have discovered it to have been about 15 million years younger than thought.

    UPI - New age is confirmed for Spanish dinosaur (press release)

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  • 20120413
    A few weeks ago, we heard that Tyrannosaurus sported the most powerful bite of any land animal. Dunkleosteus sported the most powerful bite in all history.

    Time for Rex and the bone-headed fish to move over. The king of all bite force and his royal family want to reclaim their glory. Enter Crocodilians, unquestionably the most powerful biters ever to live on the planet. Deinosuchus wasn't included in the study, but the analyses of living crocodilians leads the researchers to believe that Deinosuchus was obviously the most powerful biter ever.


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  • 20120413
    Paleontologists have discovered the earliest known evidence of paleoindian hunting in Ohio-- a scarred femur from a ground sloth.

    CMNH- Research reveals first evidence of hunting by prehistoric Ohioans (press release with photos)

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  • 20120405
    Theropoda: Tyrannosauroidea
    The People's Republic of China has yielded one of our most anticipated discoveries-- an adult tyrannosaur that answers the question of whether feathers appeared on the larger adult theropods. Perhaps we'll find out about Tyrannosaurus soon enough as well?

    AP - A warm and fuzzy Tyrannosaurus rex? New evidence surprises scientists (press release with life reconstruction, photo of tail fossil)

    Scientific American - Gigantic feathered dinosaur fossils found in China (press release with life reconstruction (featuring Beiapiaosaurus...

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  • 20120405
    Paleontologists have discovered a new type of technology-- 3-D printing. This technology allows a paleontologist to have a machine sculpt a bone, which allows the paleontologist to more accurately assess the physics of fossils.

    UPI - Computers, 3-D printers aid dinosaur study (press release)

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  • 20120405
    Vertebrata: Conodonta
    Using x-rays and a particle accelerator, Japanese scientists have discovered that conodonts (very primitive chordates) sported the sharpest teeth ever known to man.

    Australasian Science - Tiny teeth evolution's sharpest (press release)

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  • 20120331
    Carnotaurus had a large tail muscle that made it efficient at running. Watch out, smaller dinosaurs! However, the tail muscle was enclosed by a cagelike structure that meant the dinosaur was terrible at maneuvering when not running in a straight line.

    UPI - Big tail muscle made dinosaur speedy (press release)

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  • 20120331
    Manatees and dugongs today have ranges that don't overlap. But their ancestors were frequently sympatric; that is, there was a level of diversity in manatees and dugongs within a given ecosystem.

    Velez-Juarbe, J., Domning, D.P., & Pyenson, N.D. (2012) Iterative evolution of sympatric seacow (Dugongidae, Sirenia) assemblages during the past ∼26 million years. PLoS ONE. 7(2): e31294. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0031294

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  • 20120331
    Two new species of leptoceratopsid ceratopsians have been discovered in Alberta:

    Cleveland Museum of Natural History - Scientists Name Two New Species of Horned Dinosaur (press release with photos, life reconstructions, and video narrative with Dr. Michael Ryan)

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  • 20120329
    Theropoda: Carcharodontosauridae
    Tracks of dinosaurs never found before locally are turning up in an Arkansas expedition.

    UPI - Dinosaur tracks studied in Arkansas (press release)

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  • 20120329
    Leakey pleased to hear his prediction of oil in Kenya is correct
    Nearly 40 years ago, paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey found dinosaurs in Kenya and guessed there must have been a natural oil reservoir nearby. Kenya has just discovered Leakey's oil reserve, and Leakey is happy to hear this. But what else does he have to say on this?

    Deutsche Welle - Richard Leakey sounds alarm bells over Kenyan oil find (press interview with photo)

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  • 20120329
    By analyzing the teeth of prehistoric horses, researchers have been able to confirm the biggest determinant in changes in mammal size is global warming and cooling.

    Scientific American - First horses shrunk by warming climate (press release with life reconstruction gallery)

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